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How To Choose The Right Africa Travel Company

These days, planning a trip is relatively simple. Just a few clicks into a Google search ...
South Africa

3 Day Kruger Safari From Johannesburg

Looking for a quick escape from the bustling streets of Johannesburg? Look no further. A ...
South Africa

2 Day Kruger Safari From Johannesburg

For those wanting to make a quick escape into the wilderness, a two-day safari from ...

Namibian Food: What to Try When you Visit Namibia

The majority of local Namibians see eating as a means for survival rather than an ...

What Sound Does a Buffalo Make? (Plus More Interesting Info)

The Cape Buffalo may not be the fastest or most majestic of the Big 5 animals, but it ...

African Safari Vacations – All Inclusive Vacation of Your Dreams

The idea of an African vacation conjures dreams of beige and khaki (in a cool way), ...
South Africa

South Africa Safari – Travel, Tour and Package Guide

Wanting to go on a safari but not sure where to go? We have the answer for you - South ...

Best Safari in Africa for First-Timers & Something Different

Exploring the African bush is a thrilling and unforgettable experience. The suspense, ...

Tanzania Safari – Planning Your Tours and Expeditions

Planning a safari to Tanzania can be a daunting task at first glance. When is the best ...

Botswana Safari – An Authentic Wildlife Experience

Largely unknown to tourists from around the globe, Botswana never caved in to the rush of ...

Kenya Safari – All You Need To Know About Safaris In Kenya

Kenya is a land that is graced with abundant natural beauty. It is every bit as pristine ...

Masai Mara Safari – A Brief Guide

The Masai Mara Safari is an icon of African safaris. And for good reason. Ample ...
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