A Botswana Vacation Adventure | Your Personal 2024 Botswana Travel Guide

Botswana is known as one of the best African countries for a safari, but is that all they have to offer? Botswana, located in Southern Africa has a landscape defined by the Kalahari Desert and the Okavango Delta and has so much more to offer than just its picturesque scenery and roaming wildlife.

Botswana travel has developed in recent years and visitors have been taking full advantage of its natural beauty and unmatched landscape. The cultural diversity and their ways have attracted even more people eager to learn about the essence of African traditions and people.

With so much to do and so much to see, we will be going through some of the best attractions in Botswana. Each is worth a visit whenever you make your way to this African gem.


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Travel Botswana – Manyana Rock Paintings

A perfect destination if you have a love for historic African culture. Located in Kolonberg hills right by Manyana are the Manyana rock paintings which is a collection of rock paintings and caves.

These paintings are believed to be the work of the Khoikhoi or San people and date back to between 1100 AD and 1700 AD. These paintings can be found on five different cliff areas around the rocky hills. Today the site is protected as a National Monument.

The paintings are of mammals, plants, and abstract shapes all portrayed from the side, as all the mammals have two legs, while human figures are faced forwards. Although some paintings have faded due to weather, this is still a great piece of history.


A cliff

Travel Botswana – Chobe National Park

Located in Northern Botswana and one of the best parks to visit for a safari you’ll find Chobe National Park. When it comes down to Botswana travel packages, this is a must-do. Home to the Chobe River, which is a perfect spot to spy animals as they make their way to the water to quench their thirst.

With tons to do like boat cruises and safari drives and walks, this is the ideal game viewing destination in Botswana. With elephants, giraffes, buffaloes, cheetahs, leopards, and so many more animals on the reserve, it’s clear to see why Botswana is a safari nation.

Chobe has an ecosystem bigger than 10 000 square kilometers, with breathtaking landscapes and plenty of wildlife and birdlife all centered around the Chobe River.


A lioness lying next to a river

Travel Botswana – Moremi Game Reserve

Another world-famous safari destination, the Moremi Game Reserve. A trip to Botswana wouldn’t be complete without visiting at least one safari destination. The Moremi Reserve is situated in the central and eastern parts of Okavango.

Moremi is home to the Big Five and houses a wide abundance of other animal species such as hippos, zebras, and wild dogs. It is best to visit in the dryer months, May to October, but can be a great experience throughout the year.

The reserve also boasts some of the best safari accommodations in Africa. From a luxury villa on the outskirts of the Reserve to up-close and personal tents or camps in the reserve itself. There are great options for any type of safari-goer.


A bird standing on a Zebra


Travel Botswana – Victoria Falls

One of the biggest attractions found in Africa, Victoria Falls is a tourist favorite. Located on the border of Zimbabwe and Zambia but close to Botswana as well. If you visit Chobe this is included in a lot of tour itineraries for people visiting Botswana.

Located on the Zambezi River, Victoria Falls is considered to be one of the world’s biggest waterfalls, since it has a width of 1,708 meters. In the 1800s the Kololo tribe described the iconic waterfall as ‘Mosi-oa-Tunya’, meaning The Smoke that Thunders.

Best visited between September and November when it’s low water season when the falls are most visible. One of the world’s most beautiful horizons and a must-see if you ever visit Botswana.


Victoria falls as the sun sets


A Botswana travel tip: A visit to Botswana might be better in the wet, out-of-peek season. Not only would it be less expensive but nature is greener, lusher, and more beautiful.

Botswana Tours

As a famous destination for travel and safari’s, it can be hard to plan your itinerary with so much to choose from. Below is a list of the best  Botswana vacation packages.

Moremi One Day Game Drive Safari

Book an amazing one-day game drive of the beautiful Moremi Game Reserve. Perfect for anyone who wants to travel in Botswana and only dedicate one day to the game reserve. Spend your day searching for the Big Five and other game animals all over the reserve. An early start, but worth it.


4 Nights 5 Days Victoria Falls and Chobe National Park Safari

Enjoy nature on this 5-day trip to Victoria Falls and Chobe. Spend two nights in Victoria Falls where you’ll enjoy a four-course meal as you cruise down the Zambezi River and experience the sunset while taking in the views of Victoria Falls at the same time.

Spend your next two more nights at the world-renowned Chobe National Park, where you’ll be welcomed to your lodge and start with a safari cruise. Spend the next day experiencing more safari activities, such as game drives and walks.


Gaborone: Full-day Cultural Tour and Manyana Rock Paintings

A one-day visit to the culture-rich Manyana rocks is a must. Experience the Manyana rocks with an experienced guide as you learn more about the historic artwork and the cultural meanings behind it.

The next stop is Kolonberg, where you’ll visit David Livingstone’s third and final mission station. This is where he built the house and church, where he tried to convert the locals into Christianity. Your final stop is a ride into the local village and visit the Livingstone Tree while trying authentic local dishes.


Giraffes in the distance

Set off on your Botswana Travels

With so much to do, you might have a hard time deciding on what to do when traveling in Botswana. It has something for everyone and anyone, from cultural and historic activities to the more famous safari experience.

You can see that the country is slowly becoming an even more sought-after tourist destination and is embracing every inch of beauty and history it possesses.

Remember, one who travels Botswana will fall in love with Botswana.


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