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February 4, 2022

Wondering what Giraffe Manor is, where it is located, and what you can do there? Look no further. In this guide, you will find out everything you need to know about this unique location and the costs involved.

Giraffe walking in wildlife

If you’re thinking that you’ll get to hang out with giraffes here, based on its name – you are right. Giraffe Manor is located within 140 acres of indigenous forest in Nairobi, Kenya. And it’s home to a herd of Rothschild’s giraffes.

You will spot the giraffes all over the place – even in some unsuspecting places – like at the breakfast table. Or by your bedroom window. How special is it to have a giraffe right outside your window while you wake up? You can even feed these gentle giants on the veranda.

Close up of giraffe face and neck

A Guide to the Giraffe Hotel – Located in Nairobi, Kenya

The property dates all the way back to the 1930s. It is now a 12 room boutique hotel set on 12 acres of private land. Close to the manor is the Giraffe Center. It’s a sanctuary for the giraffes that live on this land. Rothschild giraffes are currently classified as a near threatened species based on research done by the IUCN.

The interior and exterior design of the hotel are based on its host nation, Kenya, and its neighbors – the giraffes. The staff has thought of everything you could need during your stay – making it luxurious and unforgettable. You’ll be mesmerized by the Nairobi Giraffe Manor atmosphere.

Giraffe Manor Cost

You must be wondering what a stay at the hotel with giraffes will cost? As it is a unique experience, there is a hefty price tag that comes along with it. Rooms at the hotel start at $1750 USD per night – yes, that is not a mistake. This means that the most cost-effective room price per adult averages to $875 USD.

Close up of Giraffe neck

There are also special rooms available, such as suites for those on their honeymoon.  But, of course, the more luxurious the room, the higher the cost. You can check their most recent rates here.

Do keep in mind that the rates are only valid until 31 December 2024. As the property is only increasing in popularity, the prices are most likely to keep increasing each year. So now’s probably the best time to go if you don’t want to miss out.

What Does the Price Include?

Though the Giraffe Manor in Kenya costs quite a lot, one does receive a lot of value for it. If hanging out with giraffes isn’t enough for you, there is more on offer. The price includes all your meals (three gourmet meals and afternoon tea) and drinks (house brand alcohol and soft drinks).

The price obviously also includes your spectacular room at the luxurious Giraffe hotel which features a top-of-the-line spa and has an impeccable staff at your service.

When keeping all these factors in mind, the cost of the Giraffe Manor is completely justifiable. It will be a once in a lifetime experience that you will not forget!

Giraffe in Africa

A Typical Day at the Giraffe Manor

There is no need to worry about not having enough time with the giraffes, as your day will revolve around them. Here’s a breakdown of a typical day at the hotel.

Breakfast with Giraffes

You start your day with an early morning breakfast and where you’ll be immediately greeted by the giraffes. If they have not already popped their heads into your room, they will definitely do so during breakfast.

There are various ways to feed them. Off your hands, from your plates, out of the buckets, and even from your lips. If you choose the latter option, be ready to be covered in slobber.

Afternoon Tea with the Giraffes

During the day the giraffes head over to the nearby Giraffe Center. Once the center closes, they slowly make their way back to the Manor for afternoon tea. While guests enjoy a typical English afternoon tea spread, the giraffes aren’t forgotten about either. Guests feed them fresh pellets – of which they can eat a lot.

Once again, the guest can choose how they wish to feed the giraffes. Have you really had a proper experience without receiving a wet kiss from a giraffe?

Close up of a giraffes face

Interaction With the Giraffes at the Manor

Though the giraffes are wild animals and no interaction is guaranteed – the giraffes have adapted to being around humans. They have also learned when there will be food available for them. In the early mornings and mid-afternoons, guests are given buckets of grass pellets to feed the giraffes.

If you are lucky, you will even get to spot the giraffes outside your bedroom window and give them some food. The giraffes also love to make an appearance during breakfast and stick their necks through the dining room windows.

Giraffe eating in wildlife

Frequently asked questions about Giraffe Manor, Kenya

Here are some of the most asked questions about one’s stay at the hotel.

How are the giraffes treated?

As the giraffes at the hotel are part of the Giraffe Center, you can rest assured that they are well taken care of. The giraffe sanctuary does an amazing job nurturing these loveable mammals and lets them be as free as possible.

You are given instructions as to how you can interact with these gentle giants, allowing them to feel safe in their own habitat. Staff members are constantly monitoring both you and the giraffes, assuring both parties are safe and feel at ease.

How well are the staff informed about the giraffes?

Each member of the staff knows every single giraffe personally. They are able to share the personal story of each giraffe. If you are scared or need assistance during the feeding time, they are right by your side to help out. And of course, they can help you get that Instagramable picture with a giraffe.

Herd of giraffes in wildlife

When should you book a room at the Giraffe Manor?

Book your room as far in advance as you can. As it is a very popular destination and there are only twelve rooms available, the hotel’s rooms book out incredibly fast.

When is the best time to visit the Giraffe Hotel?

They are open year-round with the exception of mid-April to mid-May, which is when they do their annual maintenance and repairs. As the facility is located in Nairobi, Kenya, they are close to the equator, meaning year-round warmth.

There are few seasonal changes except for the rainy season, starting mid-March to May and mid-October to December. But as mother nature can be unpredictable, you never know with certainty what kind of weather you are going to get. This does allow for some spectacular photos.

Can you visit Giraffe Manor without staying there?

Simply put, no, you cannot. Unfortunately, if you are not a paying guest staying at the hotel you are unable to visit the giraffes. There is a good reason behind this. The point as a guest is that you get to enjoy your surroundings and interact with the giraffes away from crowds and other people.

The exclusiveness of the experience is part of the charm.

Giraffe walking in Afriac

Final Thoughts on the Giraffe Hotel in Africa

Can you put a price on having a giraffe take food from you during breakfast? Nope. A stay at the Giraffe Manor, though pricey, is an absolutely magical experience.

Don’t forget that the price includes gourmet meals, drinks, top-class service, and beautiful accommodation. Most importantly, the gentle giant giraffes are part of the deal too. Making for a truly unforgettable experience.




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