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The word ‘honeymoon’ evokes images of white sandy beaches, coconut cocktails and sunkissed days. But more and more, newlyweds are ditching the out of date stereotypes for something more unique.

Honeymoons in Africa have become popular because of the exclusive experiences that the continent has to offer. African destinations are teeming with wildlife, diverse and spectacular landscapes and unprecedented safari experiences. The best bit? Luxurious and romantic lodges tailored to cater for your dream honeymoon.

Romantic African Lodge

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Why a safari honeymoon?

What makes the perfect honeymoon? Romance, privacy and isolation, starry night skies and a little bit of adventure. A honeymoon in the bush is a total escape from the outside world, to revel in your new marriage.

The lodges are not bustling with tourists hanging out in throngs by the pool. There are no sounds of traffic and rarely any cellphone service. No distractions. Only the sounds of the animals and the lights from the moon and stars.

Replace the madness of seaside resorts with an immersion in luxurious nature and the thrill of seeking out wildlife. Choose originality, with private sundowners under the burning African sunsets. Seek out a trip that exceeds your wildest expectations.

Honeymoon safari destinations

If you’re looking for something a little against the grain, these are some of the best honeymoon destinations in Africa. Bench Mauritius and Seychelles to make space for a unique and wild honeymoon safari.


This landlocked little country makes up for its lack of coastline with something special – The Okavango Delta. As the rainy season comes in and floods the delta, it turns into a buzzing and lush wildlife habitat. Accessible only by chartered flights, the delta is truly an untamed bush experience.

Honeymooners can explore the delta channels in dugout canoes, spotting crocodiles, hippos and elephants. Or traverse the grasslands searching for the big five.

Despite being a remote destination, luxury and romance are plentiful on the list of lodges in the Moremi Game Reserve. Lodges such as Sanctuary Baine’s Camp have lovely open sky beds and bathtubs under the stars. Does it get more romantic?

Best time to visit: June to August, in the wet season.

Open Air Bush Bedroom

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As tourists flock to South Africa, Kenya and African islands, Zambia is often left in the dust. This seems unbelievable considering all that Zambia has to offer.

Visitors can marvel at, and bungee jump off of, the impressive Victoria Falls. South Luangwa National Park offers peaceful and uncrowded safari experiences. Luxury lodges sit on the wild Zambezi River, such as the spectacular Royal Zambezi Lodge. And for something different, stay on a houseboat on the breathtaking Lake Kariba.

Zambia is the destination for lovers of adventure and extraordinary experiences.

Best time to visit: June to November, during the dry season.

Honeymoon safari and beach destinations

Choosing to honeymoon in Africa doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice palm trees and sparkling oceans. The beauty of Africa lies in its diversity. Many coastal countries have otherworldy beaches as well as wild savannah landscapes.

Combine a safari honeymoon with stunning beach destinations to create the ultimate honeymoon experience.


Kenya is a popular African holiday destination and a wonderland for African honeymoons too!

The country boasts varied scenery. It’s home to vast grasslands, long coastlines, lakes and the spectacular Great Rift Valley. Of course, the Masai Mara is the gem of Kenya and a world-renowned safari destination.

Choose Watamu or Mombassa Bay for a tropical getaway or an island resort such as The Sands at Chale Island. Once newlyweds have dipped their toes in the sea and basked in the sun, they can head over to the Masai Mara. The vast game reserve offers a plethora of tailored safari experiences.

Kenya Palmtree Beach

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This natural playground borders Kenya and rivals the Masai Mara with its own claim to wildlife fame, the Serengeti. Tanzania is the ultimate beach and safari destination.

It’s an up and coming African destination and is unspoiled by massive tourist influx. You can enjoy some of the most pristine, beautiful beaches in the world without the crowds. All along the coast, there are gorgeous beach resorts, perfect for a honeymoon.

The Serengeti National Park and the Ngorongoro Crater in Northern Tanzania are wildlife hotspots. And if timed right, visitors can witness the astounding Wildebeest migration.

Best time to visit: June to October, during the dry season. The Wildebeest migration is usually in June or July.

Types of Safaris

The whole safari thing can be a bit confusing for newbies. It’s important to know how many wildlife viewing options there are. Especially if you’re looking to create the perfect safari honeymoon. Explore safari packages or the options below to choose what is right for you:

  • Self Drive Safari’s – You have control over when and where you drive which is great and affordable. However, not all parks offer this and you have to do all the work to spot the animals.

  • Game drives – This is the most common safari and all lodges offer this option. You will sit in an open vehicle with an expert guide as your driver.

  • River safaris – Few places have this option which makes it very exciting. A great way to spot animals in the water and birds.

  • Walking safaris – Get up close and personal with nature on a guided walking safari. This is wonderful if you’re interested in flora and insects. Learn about all the small things you miss on a drive.

  • Hot air balloon safaris – the top pick for unique and romantic safaris. The view over the grasslands, and the grazing animals, is awe-inspiring.

    Hot Air Balloon Safari

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Your unforgettable African safari honeymoon awaits

Your marriage is deserving of a unique adventure and unprecedented honeymoon experience. Take a leap into the wild and do something different with a luxury African honeymoon.

With so many epic destinations to choose from and the promise of magical experiences, it is an obvious choice. Private moonlit dinners in the bush, sundowners with elephants, island retreats and wild romance. It sounds too good to be true. But it isn’t.

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