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Hwange National Park is the largest nature reserve in Zimbabwe, covering over 14,650 km² or 5,657 square miles. Right on the cusp of Botswana, this incredible park boasts up to 30,000 elephants, over 400 bird species and some breathtaking landscapes. 

This park has been a tourist favourite since its inception in 1928, and for good reason. The area is quite becoming, moving from the dry desert landscapes of the Kalahari to the woodlands up north. Hwange National Park is home to a breathtaking amount of wildlife, including the Big Five and numerous other smaller species seeking water. 

Let’s take a dive into this tourist-friendly area and look at different camp options and activities. The best time to visit Africa is now! 

Facts About Hwange National Park Zimbabwe 

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 If you’re planning a visit to Hwange, Zimbabwe in 2021, here’s a few facts that you might find interesting to note. 

  •  Hwange has more than 100 mammal and 400 bird species 
  • The watering holes in the park are all man-made boreholes 
  • Poaching is taken very seriously by park officials. Protecting the wildlife and their natural habitat is their top priority. 
  • Hwange boasts all the Big Five species that Africa is known for. They include African lions and elephants, leopards, rhinos and buffaloes 
  • The park has the world’s largest elephant population, counted to be nearly 30,000 
  • The region was originally designed to be a hunting ground for a Ndebele warrior-king named Mzilikazi 

Camp Hwange 

elephant familyImage by Anja from Pixabay 

Camp Hwange is one of the camps in Hwange National Park and offers a well-rounded experience. From safaris to guided bush walks, the one-of-a-kind interactions with wildlife here is mind-blowing. It’s a perfect stay during the winter months where all the animals tend to gather among the man-made waterholes. 

The Lodge 

The thatched roof chalets in the camp overlook a waterhole that attracts many different animals throughout the day. Each chalet is styled elegantly and efficiently while retaining the sense of being in nature. 

Each chalet has a private piece of land surrounding it, giving visitors total privacy and the opportunity to enjoy animal sightings. Spotting animals like lions and leopards is common and will leave you amazed. 

The lodge itself and the surrounding chalets are solar-powered by the African sun, as per the lodges’ green energy policy. 

Guests are able to enjoy the African Bush and all that it has to offer without leaving the comfort and style of their rooms. 

The Safaris 

Camp Hwange has some of the best hand-picked safari experiences in Hwange National Park. Focusing on the traditional meaning of the word, walking safaris are the focus at this camp. You will be able to track down some of the most admired animals in Africa while guided by trained trackers. 

You will be filled with knowledge of the animals and their natural habitat without disrupting the area. The park is a combination of woodlands and desert area filled with palm and acacia trees. These are a staple food for the herds of elephants and buffaloes you are bound to spot in the camp. 

The day will kick-off with a light breakfast under the African sunrise, before setting off into the bush. Upon returning to the camp during brunch, you can discuss further excursions with your guide which could include a night safari or any other activity of your choice. 

Hwange Safari Lodge 

lions by treeImage by PublicDomainPictures from Pixabay 

Situated just outside the border of Hwange National Park, this lodge is a mere hour drive from Victoria Falls in Zimbabwe. 

The Lodge 

Stylishly decorated rooms that overlook the watering hole, swimming pool and Kalahari await all guests. The lodge offers both comfort and adventure to all. 

The Hwange Safari Lodge has two restaurants with astounding views from all angles. Don’t be surprised to see a herd of elephants striding past the lodge during dinner time. There are also two bars on the property making it the perfect spot to sit back and relax after a long day of safari tours. 

The Activities 

Being situated so close to Hwange National Park and Victoria Falls, this area is famous for its amazing wildlife. 

Night and day safaris are available to those who want to wander into the bush and seek out some of the continent’s most beautiful wildlife. Spotting glowing eyes at night, in the brush above, is a once-in-a-lifetime experience. 

Camp Hwange is home to the world’s largest population of elephant herds, including the presidential herd. This camp is also home to a wide variety of other wildlife species including lions and buffaloes. 

For those guests who would like to get in touch with the traditional side of the park, a visit to the nearby pottery village will be ideal. Remember to pick up a few trinkets while you are there! 

You can also pay a visit to the nearby Dete sanctuary to support the “painted dog” packs. There are less than 7,000 painted dogs left in the wild, and the conservation prides itself on the promise of a better tomorrow for these creatures. 

Final Thoughts on Hwange National Park 

elephant at watering holeImage by Julian Hacker from Pixabay 

Hwange National Park ought to be on the bucket list of every adventure seeker and wildlife photographer. This park is the size of Belgium and boasts thousands of unique species in their natural habitat. 

 With sightings of lions, cheetah and leopard, along with Africa’s largest population of the endangered wild dog packs, it’s clear to see why this park is a tourist favourite. 

This park is very accessible from Victoria Falls and has accommodation options for all budgets. Experiencing Hwange National Park and the lodges is a life-changing opportunity that should be taken into consideration when planning your next safari tour.  


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