Kruger National Park Safari Prices | Best Game Drive Combo Deals

April 28, 2022

Home to the iconic Big Five, the Kruger National Park (KNP) is one of the largest game reserves in Africa and a thrilling safari experience. This massive tract of land is filled to the brim with diverse wildlife and archeological sites unique to the African continent.

Kruger Park is located right on the border between the Limpopo and Mpumalanga province in South Africa. While a Joburg day trip is a viable option, the nearby airports make visiting this world-renowned park an easy feat for everyone. One of the major draws to Kruger is the game drives. Take a trip around the reserve and spot the majestic animals that call this park home.

From luxurious accommodation to safari camp activities, there are a plethora of adventures to be had. While some options can get quite pricey, there is a number of cheaper options to accommodate everyone.

Visitors are welcomed to immerse themselves in the true beauty of the African bush. Encounter wildlife up close and personal on a number of safari trips and game drives. Keep reading to learn more about some of the best Kruger safari with game drive options and plan the perfect bush adventure.

Cost of Safari in Kruger National Park | Game Drives

Below are a few factors that contribute to the cost of a Kruger Park game drive. These factors are important to keep in mind when planning an excursion through the reserve.

  • Private vehicles and exclusive tours: Choosing a private vehicle will include only you and whoever you are traveling with. While this is a great idea for avoiding crowds of tourists this option will be slightly more expensive.
  • The time of year: When you decide to travel will also contribute to the cost of game drives. During the rainy summer months, plant life is thriving and tourists throng the reserve. Peak tourist season is usually when the prices of game drives around Kruger will increase. Not to mention, public holidays and school holidays are also busier periods, and prices are inflated.
  • Length of game drive: Kruger Park safari tours that include game drives can last anywhere between 3hrs to 5 days. While a short afternoon drive can be a pleasant experience, some prefer the longer tours for the extra chances to spot wild animals. The 2+ day game drives include the cost of accommodation and private transport.

Best Tour Picks: Kruger National Park Safari Prices


There is a myriad of Kruger National Park Game drives to choose from. If you already have an idea of what you’re looking for specifically, this first list is for you.

Find a tour best suited to your tastes and desired adventure and take a look at the best Kruger safaris of each category. Deadset on a glimpse of the famed Big Five from a comfy vehicle? Or maybe you’d prefer to make stops and walk a quiet wilderness trail. With so many options there’s bound to be a perfect tour for you.

Safari Kruger National Park Prices

Kruger National Park accommodates everyone. With options ranging from budget deals and classic packages to mid-range and luxury game drive combos, there is something for everyone to enjoy. Here are some of the best Kruger National Park safari packages to consider when planning game drives.

Budget Kruger National Park Prices

Exploring on a budget has never been easier. Kruger prides itself on being affordable for the whole family and highly accommodating. Budget safari holidays include self-catering accommodation and the option to take your own car on game drives around the reserve. Visitors will also have the option to rent a car.

Navigating the bush in your own vehicle is substantially more affordable than private open safari vehicles. Driving your own vehicle comes with the added benefit of being able to leave your camp whenever you choose and explore at your leisure. The entrance fee to the park itself is roughly $24 per day for international visitors. Aside from the gate fee and the cost of petrol, a game drive in your own vehicle is cost-free.

Maybe you’d prefer the knowledge of an expert guide? Affordable options for 3-4 hour game drives can start at around $35USD. This includes guidance from a professional ranger and can vary depending on passengers and the length of the tour. A South African safari doesn’t need to be an expensive experience and can be pleasantly affordable with the right planning.

Classic Safari in Kruger National Park Price


The Classic Safari option is possibly the most popular way to explore the KNP. While the cost of safari game drives in Kruger National Park can get quite pricey, a classic safari package is ideal for both your wallet and your experience. Drive the most popular routes in a group vehicle with the help of a professional.

Planning the perfect family vacation has never been easier with this option. Along with accommodation in air-conditioned chalets, visitors will enjoy daytime game drives in the parks’ iconic open safari vehicles. There is also the option of 3+ safari days which include panorama route excursions in a private vehicle and a local guide. These game drives start at around $100 USD and can increase per number of days included.

Mid-Range Kruger National Park Price

The mid-range Kruger packages include more in terms of luxury accommodation and game drives. This is all managed without being too costly. This is the perfect price range to treat yourself without breaking the bank. Packages in this price range can go up to $1800 USD depending on accommodation and duration of your stay. Private game drives alone will cost about $400 USD.

With romantic sunset game drives and safaris ranging from 3 days to 6 days, these are some of the best Kruger Park safaris for an African honeymoon getaway. Return transfers from Johannesburg are included with some of the game drives in this price range. Take a private full-day game drive with a skilled ranger and explore the African wildlife from an open-air vehicle.

Luxury Kruger National Park Safari Cost

Kruger also has the option of luxury safari packages for the most indulgent of travelers. This option offers classy, high-end accommodation and exclusive game drives through private reserve areas.

Bring the bush experience closer in one of the private 4×4 open safari vehicles. These game drives are conducted by qualified guides who will go as far as to look out for spoor and signs that animals have moved through an area. Visitors are guaranteed to spot some amazing wildlife on these exclusive game drives.

These incomparable experiences begin at approximately $2888 USD and go up depending on the length of your visit and chosen accommodation. Game drives in this price range stick to private areas with high concentrations of some of the finest wildlife.

Kruger National Park Game Drive Prices

Bucks In Kruger

Compare prices and contemplate your desired experience. There is bound to be an option that fits your taste and your budget.

Kruger National Park Sunset Safari

If an overnight stay sounds a little too long but the chance to spot nocturnal wildlife is appealing then this is the perfect option. Take a romantic sunset game drive with this affordable tour. See the golden African sun sink over the savanna and see the shy creatures of the night begin to stir.

The sunset game drives is the best safari Kruger National Park has to offer in terms of romance and majesty. There is nothing quite so breathtaking as an African sunset. Sit back in an open safari vehicle and watch the final daylight rays turn the dust golden.

The cost of this starts at around $100 USD.

Half-Day Kruger Safari

This half-day safari kicks off early in the morning and also includes a breakfast stop. Sit back in an open-air safari vehicle and keep an eye out for scarce animals like the enigmatic wild dog and elusive cheetahs.

With an additional stop at a picnic spot and a trustworthy guide, this is a well priced tour that is perfect for families with children. Pick up some souvenirs at the gift shops dotted around and enjoy the gorgeous views.

The cost of this tour starts at approximately $35 USD.

Cheetah In Kruger

Full-Day Game Drive | Kruger Park Safaris

Up your chances of seeing lions, elephants, and all the other grandiose creatures of the reserve with this full-day, 10 hr tour. This game drive includes transportation to and from lodgings in Hazyview as well as a lunch stop at one of the nearby resorts.

Enjoy a morning and afternoon game drive with a professional tour guide. Take a look at the large variety of African birdlife take to the skies in the chilly mornings and spot the hyenas taking to the paths at night.

The cost of this tour starts at about $150 USD.

Private 5-Day Safari

This private tour is ideal for anyone determined to spot at least one of the Big Five members in all their glory. This five-day itinerary includes private game drives in an open safari vehicle with a professional guide to help you along.

These drives include sightseeing around South Africa’s largest reserve. Enjoy games drives during the morning, afternoon as well well as nighttime expeditions. This is a small group private tour that accommodates for 2-4 people making it perfect for couples and small families.

The cost of this tour starts at around $150 USD.

Lion Pride

Afternoon Open Game Drive

This afternoon game drive will take visitors on a lazy drive around the reserve right before the sun goes down. Cruise around in an open-air vehicle with a canvas roof and look out for wildlife as you drive along the dusty trails. This is a 5hr long tour with the added benefits of discounts for both South African citizens and children. The vehicle for this game drive can accommodate between 1- 10 passengers.

The cost of this tour starts at approximately $80 USD and visitors will be expected to pay the entry fee at the gate upon arrival.

2-Day Safari and Night Drive

This all-inclusive option is a 2-day adventure drive from Blyde River to Kruger Park. Take a drive around the scenic areas and spot iconic landmarks like the Three Rondavels and the Mac-Mac Falls.

This tour includes an open-air vehicle drive and is one of the best Kruger National Park safaris for a hassle-free experience. Take it slow with this two-day tour and enjoy one-night accommodation in the KNP with meals included.

The cost of this tour starts at around $305 USD.

Rhino In Kruger

Full-Day Private Guided Safari

This luxury game drive includes up to 12 hours in a comfortable air-conditioned combi. Drive the wildlife trails in the lap of luxury and have your camera ready to snap some fantastic shots of the surrounding scenery and wildlife.

Snack on light lunch at one of the park’s restaurants overlooking the river. You can learn all there is to know about the history of the park from your professional tour guide.

The cost of this game drive starts at around $250 USD.

3-Day Game Drive Safari

Fly straight into the park itself from Skukuza airport and get straight into an open-air vehicle for an extended, venture through the KNP. This game drive includes an informed private tour guide who will provide a plethora of information regarding the surrounding wildlife.

Travel across multiple regions of the park and learn all there is to know about the flora and fauna as you go. Enjoy a cozy bungalow at night and daily game drives that are fun for the whole family.

The cost of this tour starts at around $1850 USD.


Kruger National Park Safari | Final Thoughts

A game drive in the KNP is a thrilling experience for the whole family. With so many affordable options there’s no excuse not to pay a visit to this marvelous African wonderland at least once.

Spot big game and the shyest of nighttime creatures on a tour tailored to your tastes. The Kruger National Park is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. Indulge in an experience that is intrinsically African.

So, don’t hesitate to book the perfect game drive today. If you’re looking for more affordable options, check out this guide on all-inclusive African safaris.


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