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Masai Mara Safari – A Brief Guide

The Masai Mara Safari is an icon of African safaris. And for good reason. Ample grasslands, fertile soils and a multitude of biospheres support enormous numbers of game species. Making it an exceptional wildlife destination. The oasis-like surroundings have become a sanctuary for African ...

Cape Town Safari Day Trip

Domestic and international tourists flock to ‘the Mothercity’ for vibrant culture, stunning beaches, and pristine natural scenery. But for many, a trip to South Africa is not complete without a bush adventure and safari experience. While the north of South Africa is home to the famous Kruger ...

Safari in Rwanda: The Hidden Safari Treasure

Dubbed ‘the land of a thousand hills’, Rwanda is considered the Switzerland of Africa for it’s towering mountains. The country has climbed out from under the shadows of its bloody history. And is now offering its spectacular beauty, and welcoming citizens, to visitors. Home to unusual wildlife, ...

What Sound Does A Gorilla Make?

Similar to humans, gorillas are social animals. They live in harems where one male adult lives with several female adults and their babies. Naturally, they need to communicate with each other. All animals have a way of making themselves heard and gorillas are no different. They tend to get loud ...

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