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3 Day Kruger Safari From Johannesburg

Looking for a quick escape from the bustling streets of Johannesburg? Look no further. A 3-day safari at the Kruger National Park is the African getaway that dreams are made of. The Kruger National Park is one of Africa’s biggest game reserves, and therefore one of the best places to come for a ...

2 Day Kruger Safari From Johannesburg

For those wanting to make a quick escape into the wilderness, a two-day safari from Johannesburg to Kruger Park is exactly what you need. You may be excited to see a herd of elephants, or perhaps a pride of lions lazing around in the afternoon sun. Regardless of your preference, the wildlife at ...

Masai Mara Safari – A Brief Guide

The Masai Mara Safari is an icon of African safaris. And for good reason. Ample grasslands, fertile soils and a multitude of biospheres support enormous numbers of game species. Making it an exceptional wildlife destination. The oasis-like surroundings have become a sanctuary for African ...

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