National Parks Near Las Vegas | Where To Visit In 2024

Are you planning a trip to Las Vegas? Well, do we have some news for you! Las Vegas has some of the most beautiful national parks in the country and they all ought to be on your bucket list.

From the wonders of Joshua Tree National Park to the jaw-dropping scenery of Grand Canyon National Park, there are some incredible destinations within driving distance of Nevada’s capital. You can easily pay a visit to your favorite park in a matter of hours.

Below is a list of all the national parks around the Las Vegas area and the reasons why they are so amazing. Lace-up your walking shoes, grab your camera, and let’s set off on an adventure.

Parks Near Las Vegas – The Essentials

Red Canyon

Before you embark on your exciting journey to your favorite national park, make sure to determine a good route. Remember to check a map and pack essentials. A successful trip is determined by a well-organized schedule.

If you’re planning on doing any hiking or walking in any of these national parks, remember to dress accordingly. Pack some comfortable shoes and convenient snacks, and set off.

National Parks Around Las Vegas

Now that you’ve prepared for your trip, it’s time to pick the best spot to travel to. This exciting guide to the national parks around Las Vegas shows you exactly what they have to offer and how long it will take to get there.

You could even stop by a few of these parks and make a road trip out of it! This is a guide only and can be changed according to your schedule. Let’s dive straight in.

Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area

Okay, first up we have a true gem. Red Rock Canyon is a mere half-hour drive from Las Vegas and is a perfect spot for rock climbing. This area has one of the most breathtaking views in Nevada and is famous for its collections of huge rock formations.

Red Rock Canyon boasts a 13-mile scenic drive and really good hiking trails. This spot is great for those who have a special interest in flora species.

The Spring Hill Suites in Vegas is a very popular stay located just a half-hour from Red Rock Canyon.

Valley And River

Valley of Fire State Park

This national park near Las Vegas is named after the red hue emitted from the sandstone formations. The rocks seem to resemble a glowing fire pit during certain hours of the day.

This is a smaller park but offers many hiking trails, views, and photo opportunities. It’s located under an hour from Las Vegas and has camping sites available. If you want to break away from the hustle and bustle of the city, pop in for a weekend and get some fresh air.

If you’re visiting from out of town, The North Shore Inn would be the perfect spot to stay. Just 15 minutes from the park, this Inn is an experience all on its own.

Lake Mead National Park

This national treasure is known for its wide variety of activities. From boating to hunting, you can easily lose track of time here.

Lake mead is located a mere 40 minutes from the city and is a great place to visit as a family or a group. You can fish, hike and bike all on the same day, along the 750-mile shoreline. Just remember to pack sun protection!

This Jet Luxury spot at The Vdara is just under an hour from Lake Mead National Park, and close enough to all the best entertainment spots of the city.

Death Valley National Park

This breathtaking spot is 2 hours away from Las Vegas, in California. It’s the biggest national park in the country and is home to the lowest point in northern America; Badwater Basin.

Contrary to popular belief, this park is not a hot and dry place. There are many amazing activities to choose from, including camping, hiking in salt flats, and driving through Artist’s Drive – a scenic ride through canyons and valleys.

The Death Valley Inn which is situated directly in the park has so much character and is perfect for the adventurous traveler.

Red Gorge

Zion National Park

This park is located in Utah and is just over 2 hours from Vegas. With green trees and magnificent valleys gleaming with water, it’s hard not to make a stop here.

The crown of this national park is the cliffs of Zion Canyon that burst up from the earth in a colorful array of warm hues. Remember to pack your hiking shoes and a water bottle, it gets hot in Zion!

The Hampton Inn is a mere 1 mile from the entrance of Zion National Park and is a great spot for groups and couples looking for a unique experience.

Joshua Tree National Park

No list would be complete without Joshua Tree. This park is located in Southern California and the Colorado desert and is home to an array of amazing views and valleys.

Here’s a list of great spots that you can visit at Joshua Tree National Park:

For exceptional hiking in the park, check out these spots.

  • Barker Dam
  • Hidden Valley
  • Lost Palm Oasis
  • Lost Horse Mine

And for the best Instagram shots, make your way over to these scenic places.

  • Keys View – Sunsets over the Coachella Valley
  • Lost Horse Mine
  • Lost Palm Oasis
  • Cholla Cactus Garden

Joshua Tree has some amazing accommodation options to choose from, but the Starfire Relaxation Retreat remains one of the most unique!

Tule Springs Fossil Beds National Park

This spot, 30 minutes outside of Vegas, is home to a collection of Fossils dating back to the Ice Age. It hosts the single largest concentration of open-site fossils from the Pleistocene Epoch in the southern Great Basin.

You can go for a hike at the archaeological site, south of the Tule Springs Fossil beds. This spot is great for historians and explorers looking to embark on a different kind of hike.

Good old Tule Springs is home to many incredible stays, but this Marriott Courtyard is one of the best. It’s just a few minutes away from the park, yet close enough to the city center.

Trees In Desert

Mojave National Preserve

A 1-hour drive will get you to this amazing national park, teeming with wildflowers and colorful backdrops that kiss the bright blue sky. This area is known for its high ascending mesas and mountains that dip into the still landscapes below.

This is a perfect breakaway location for families and groups. Take a moment and step back into the vast natural landscapes of California and spend some time around soft flowers and billowing clouds. Mojave is one of the most beautiful Las Vegas national parks.

The Best Western Desert Winds is in the same area as Mojave National Park and will make for a fun weekend getaway location.

Bryce Canyon National Park

This is a great stop for photography enthusiasts to practice their craft. The landscapes are filled with rock protrusions that seem like they belong in outer space and the deep gorges are saturated with hiking trails and mazes.

Here’s a list of the hiking trails that you can visit at Bryce Canyon National Park:

  • Two Bridges
  • Queen Victoria’s
  • Wall of Windows
  • Wall Street (Not that Wall Street)
  • Thor’s Hammer

Here are but a few of the best views in the park:

  • Bryce Point
  • Inspiration Point
  • Sunrise Point
  • Sunset Point

Just remember to free up extra space on your devices for unlimited photo opportunities.

Stone Canyon Inn near Bryce National Park is the perfect mix between modern and country. It’s a great location for a romantic weekend getaway.

Grand Canyon National Park

This world-famous park hardly needs an introduction. It is located just under 5 hours away from Vegas and is visited by over 6 million people annually.

The stunning location is rated as a World Wonder, and it’s quite obvious why. It’s jam-packed with photo opportunities and activities that everyone can enjoy and remains one of the most visited places in the country.

Here are a few things that you can expect to enjoy when you’re visiting the park:

  • Walking the South Trail
  • Stargazing under an open sea of twinkle lights
  • Riding a mule (yes, a mule)
  • White river rafting
  • Incredible driving trails with a view
  • Hiking the Bright Angel Trail

The Grand Canyon Western Ranch offers the most authentic western experience in the area. From horseback riding to rustic cottages, this spectacular stay is a bucket list finalist.

Final Thoughts On National Parks Near Las Vegas Nevada

Visiting a national park is always a great option whether you’re looking for some quality family time or a wild adventure. The parks in the US are all amazing and will leave you breathless.

From delicate flower fields to towering boulders, the national parks around Las Vegas will keep you on your toes. This memorable trip will be hard to beat, and you will certainly have all the photos to remember it by!

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