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July 19, 2021

If you’re planning a trip to Africa, there are 54 countries that you can choose from. Narrow the search down based on what you’d like to experience and I can promise you that South Africa will appear somewhere in your top 5.

There are so many great African safari tours and other holiday packages available to you that you may begin to feel overwhelmed and travel anxiety might creep in. To ease your stress, we’ve listed some of our top spots for you to add to your itinerary.

a road in bokaap cape town displaying the iconic colorful houses

Plan a Trip to South Africa | Things to Know

South Africa is located at the Southern tip of Africa. It is made up of 9 different provinces with two countries landlocked within its borders (Eswatini and Lesotho). There are countless opportunities for great adventures across this magnificent country.

From the cold water current of the Atlantic on the west coast to the warm watered beaches of the Indian Ocean on the east. Cape Town features Cape Agulhas where these two oceans meet. Kruger National Park features the Big Five that will rekindle any romance you’ve once had with nature. You can find adrenaline in the Eastern Cape or pure dessert in the Karoo.

This large country is as vast in diversity as it is in experiences.

Weather in South Africa

It’s worth noting that Cape Town weather is a bit different from weather anywhere else in South Africa. Cape Town is mostly sunny in summer with cold, winter rains. Other parts of South Africa, like Mpumalanga, Durban, and Gauteng all have summer rainfall followed by quite cold winters.

Environments in South Africa

There are dry desert environments, like the Karoo, and humid tropical areas like Kwa-Zulu Natal. Make sure you plan according to your preferences, but try to see a little bit of everything that South Africa has to offer.

colorful structures on muizenberg beach in the western cape

8 South African Vacation Packages

Travel packages from South Africa are largely based on the most popular cities, namely Cape Town and Johannesburg. Once you’re there, you’ll understand why they are the tourist capitals of the country.

That isn’t to say that there aren’t any other great places to visit. If you’re looking for the ultimate safari experience – Kruger National Park is a non-stop wonder. If you’re in search of an adrenaline rush, head to Tsitsikamma where you can try jumping off the highest commercial Bungy bridge in the world.

The list below includes some of the many fantastic scenes and activities available across the country.

Blyde River Canyon Boat Cruise, Mpumalanga

A few kilometers outside of the Kruger National park, you’ll find something called the Panorama Route. Along this route lies the Blyde River Canyon which looks like something straight out of paradise. The main attraction here is the boat cruise where you can drift along the river.

Tours usually last about 7 hours or so and are priced from $17 USD per person.

three rondawels overlooking the blyde canyon in mpumalanga

Zipline Canopy Tour, Tsitsikamma

While the Garden Route is known for its beauty, many enjoy it for the spice. Tsitsikamma in the Eastern Cape offers bungee jumping and ziplining for that extra shot of adrenaline. This is usually the climax of any adventure starting from Cape Town.

This Zipline canopy tour is suitable for anyone looking to coast through the indigenous trees of the Tsitsikamma forest from $50 USD per person.

Table Mountain, Cape Town

As the most popular tourist attraction in South Africa, Table Mountain was a given. There are some amazing hiking trails up the mountain, like Platteklip Gorge or the Pipe Track which are somewhat beginner-friendly.

Warning: Some trails can be long and strenuous so make sure to research your chosen trail first.

If hiking isn’t your thing, use the cable car instead and enjoy about 5 minutes of unfiltered views of the Cape Town and Table Bay region. Rides are priced at $25 USD per person.

table mountain with the last light shining

Gold Reef City Theme Park, Johannesburg

While Cape Town is known for beaches and mountains, Johannesburg is known as the city of gold. Try your luck at the slot machines or roulette table while the kids run around bobbing about from one thrill ride to the next.

General access costs as little as $12.50 USD and you’re allowed to gallivant through all 18 rides.

Kruger National Park Safari

The Kruger National Park offers you exceptional safari tours and some truly African vacation packages. The best way to enjoy the park is through a proper 7 day Kruger holiday, where you have time to take in all the wonderful sights and sounds available.

The Kruger National Park is by far the most comprehensive safari experience in South Africa. While there are a vast amount of safari opportunities all throughout the country, this is definitely one that you shouldn’t skimp out on. Prices vary depending on where you stay and for how long, have a look at these Kruger National Park Safari packages and decide from there.

Elephants In The Kruger National Park

Hop on, Hop off tours, Cape Town & Johannesburg

In both Cape Town and Johannesburg, you’ll find big red busses that are hard to miss. These tour buses are a fun way to see a lot in one day and will leave you feeling like a genuine tourist. Most tours range from $15 USD to as much as $175 USD depending on the chosen package.

The wine route is a big favorite in Cape Town. This bus route takes you along the best wine estates in Constantia. Allowing you to stop and have a taste to your heart’s content.

In Johannesburg, a day tour takes you to about 20 popular attractions. From museums to the zoo, you can hop on and off the bus whenever you’d like to move from one attraction to the next.

soweto towers in color

Final Say on Vacation in South Africa

There are so many wonderful things to do in this country, this list doesn’t include a fifth of what’s on offer. Safaris, nature trips, and plenty of cultural attractions, it’s obvious that there are so many extra little things that can supplement your vacation.

South Africa is filled with diversity, laughs, and wonderful people. A holiday in this lovely country will leave you feeling rested and at ease with nature. Don’t hesitate to start planning a cheap trip to Africa, by booking your all-inclusive safari package today.



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