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July 19, 2022

Zambia is a breathtaking country in the heart of Southern Africa, home to the iconic Victoria Falls. This diverse landlocked region of Africa has plenty of wildlife for all to enjoy, and there are many luxury Zambia safaris to choose from.

From the great African elephant to the notorious hippo, you will not fall short of an exciting experience. However, it’s not always easy choosing a lodge, especially when there is such a large variety to choose from. But don’t worry; this list offers a comprehensive guide to Zambia’s seven best safari lodges.

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7 Best Safari Lodges in Zambia

When planning your safari, Zambia offers plenty of incredible places to stay at. With this list of fantastic lodges, you’ll know exactly where to stay when traversing across the wild terrain of Zambia. From Victoria Falls to the Busanga Plains, you won’t miss a beat in this majestic area of the world.

1. Time + Tide Chinzombo

time + tide chinzombo Image by Time + Tide on Facebook

This luxurious lodge is found on the southern banks of the Luangwa River and offers guests unmatched views of the surrounding landscape. With only six luxury villa’s on offer, you’ll have an intimate and exclusive experience.

Admire the wildlife around you from your private plunge pool and sleep under the stars. Time + Tide Chinzombo is in the Luangwa National Park and offers the best place to stay throughout the region.

● Join a walk or boat cruise with the Chinzombo award-winning guide team.
● All meals and standard bar drinks are included.
● Transfers to and from Mfuwe Airport.

2. The Royal Livingstone Hotel

the royal livingstone hotel Image by The Royal Livingstone Hotel on Facebook

The Royal Livingstone Hotel is an iconic lodge within the attractive region of Victoria Falls. The five-star hotel service is a classic Zambian lodge that the whole family can enjoy.

March to May is the best time to visit Victoria Falls, and the Royal Livingstone Hotel is one of the best places to stay. This is a unique hotel and one of the few places where you can see zebras and impala feeding on the freshly cut lawns outside your room.

● Enjoy the world-class meals prepared by fantastic chefs.
● The fine establishment offers private butler and concierge services.
● Have unlimited access to Victoria Falls and pristine hiking trails.

3. The Sausage Tree Camp

the sausage tree campImage by Sausage Tree Camp on Facebook

If you are looking for a secluded and indulgent hotel in Zambia, then the Sausage Tree Camp is for you. Escape into the comfort of the comfort and grandeur of one of the seven suites available.

Take in the ever-present wildlife and magnificent sunsets of the Lower Zambezi National Park. The villas are tucked away amongst the distinctive mahogany and sausage trees. This five-star lodge is the epitome of luxury Zambia safari camps.

● Enjoy the expert game drives and guided walks through the Lower Zambezi National Park.
● Dive into the African-inspired meals provided.
● It is prime fishing, bird watching, and canoeing camp.

Follow this link to place a booking at the Sausage Tree Camp.

4. The Royal Zambezi Lodge

the royal zambezi lodgeImage by The Royal Zambezi Lodge on Facebook

The Royal Zambezi Lodge offers all the delights of Zambia and so much more. From canoeing along the expansive Zambezi river to hiking up the nearby mountains, there is plenty to do at this gorgeous hotel in Zambia.

Soak up some bubbles at the Royal Bush Spa after your exciting day out in the wild of Zambia. With fifteen hidden cabins to choose from, you are guaranteed a personal experience with nature all around you.

● The lodge provides private river cruises and guided hikes.
● Big cat sightings are frequent along this area of the Zambezi river.
● 5-star luxury lodging and personalized meal services.

Follow this link to place a booking at the Royal Zambezi Lodge.

5. Shumba Camp

shumba campImage by Africa’s Eden on Facebook

Located in the infinite Busanga Plains of the Kafue National Park, this is the ideal lodge to look at when planning your safari to Zambia. Shumba gets its name from a local pride of lions and is one of Africa’s finest lodges.

With astounding panoramic views of the wildlife from all the rooms in the camp, you expect to see the best Zambia. Meals are prepared on an open fire and provide guests with an authentic safari experience.

● Experience a bird’s perspective of the land with a hot-air balloon ride between August and October.
● See the big game during a morning or night game drive of the Busanga Plains
● Guided boat rides are available from March to May during the flooding months.

Follow this link to place a booking at Shumba Camp.

6. Tongabezi Lodge

tongabezi lodgeImage by Tongabezi on Facebook

Tongabezi is a romantic five-star guest lodge located along the Zambezi river. Close to Victoria Falls, this camp offers an intimate setting close to two iconic landmarks in Africa.

Join a guided walk to Victoria Falls or enjoy a magnificent helicopter flight across the golden landscape. With spectacular river views, you won’t miss out on any of the wildlife as you enjoy a relaxing bath after your day of adventure.

● Enjoy a Sampan dinner as you float along the Zambezi river.
● Sunrise and sunset boating tours are on offer, as well as fishing trips.
● Guided trips into Mukuni Park are all a part of this fantastic lodge.

7. Tena Tena

Tena Tena is a luxury glamping set up along the Luangwa River and offers unmatched views of the wildlife on display. This authentic and rustic setup still provides the finer things in life with grand ensuite bathrooms and deluxe services.

Immerse yourself in the African landscape with this unique safari lodge in Zambia, and hear the wildlife around you from the safe comfort of your viewing deck. In the shade of the old mahogany trees, you’ll enjoy unspoiled views of the end of the Great African Rift Valley.

● It serves Gourmet breakfasts and dinners, which you can enjoy from the comfort of your private room.
● Join a private 4×4 game drive of the South Luangwa National Park.
● Fantastic views of wildlife, including elephants, leopards, lions, buffalos, and plenty of birdlife.

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Final Thoughts on the Best Zambian Safari Lodges

With the glowing red sunsets and ever-present wildlife, Zambia is the heart of a great African safari. From the cascading Victoria Falls to the meandering Luangwa River, this beautiful country has a rich diversity of nature.

The luxury lodges of Chimzobo showcase just how comfortable a trip to Zambia can be, with more rustic stays shown at Tena Tena. With all these incredible places on offer, planning safaris to Zambia is effortless.

If you’ve had your fill of Zambia and are looking for another amazing Southern African adventure, take a look at the best safari lodges in Tanzania.

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