Best Time For Safari in Tanzania | When To Visit, Migration & More

July 5, 2022

Tanzania is a beautiful country in East Africa, renowned for its golden sunsets, and is home to Africa’s ‘Big Five.’ From the calming shores of Zanzibar to the breathtaking plains of the Serengeti, there is plenty to see when you visit Tanzania.

However, with the extreme weather changes and so much to take in, it can be challenging to know when to visit Tanzania. Stick with us as we provide essential details on the best time to go to Tanzania and up-to-date information about the Serengeti National Park.

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ngorongoro crater tanzania

What is the Best Time To Visit Tanzania?

This question is not straightforward, as the best time to visit Tanzania depends on what you want to do and see. If you wish to witness flowing green fields and blooming flowers, then April and May is the best time to travel to Tanzania. But if you want to see the great migration in its glory, June to September is your best bet.

Best Months To Visit Tanzania

The best months to visit Tanzania are dependent on what you want to see during your time in the country. Here is a comprehensive list of what to do in Tanzania and when is the best time to see the Serengeti migration, calving season, and the green season.

December to March

From December through to March, you will be able to witness the birth of thousands of wildebeests. It occurs during Christmas, meaning finding hotels and accommodation in Tanzania in December is difficult, but it is a unique phenomenon you have to witness.

northern rift valley tanzania

April and May

This is the green period in Tanzania, meaning the herds don’t migrate. It can also be difficult to see wildlife during this rainy period, but it is an ideal time to visit the Ngorongoro crater.

June to September

This is the best time of year for an African safari in Tanzania due to the abundant wildlife on show. During the country’s dry season, plenty of wildlife flock toward rivers and lakes, which is when the Serengeti migration occurs.

October and November

The light rainy season occurs during this period, making it a quiet season in the country. October and November are not the best times to go to Tanzania, with high rainfall and most of the herds being in Kenya. Despite this, there is still an abundance of wildlife throughout the country for you to enjoy.

elephant in the serengeti

Best Time and Place for a Tanzania Safari

The debate on the best place to visit in Tanzania can easily be put to rest with the Serengeti National Park always coming out on top. Known for the Great Migration that sweeps the land from June to September, the Serengeti is a unique safari destination.

However, if you are looking for other safari destinations and tours, here is a short list of other parks to visit and when to visit them.

  1. Ngorongoro Conservation Area – April to May.
  2. Lake Manyara National Park – November to February.
  3. Tarangire National Park – June to November.
  4. Ruaha National Park – June to October.
  5. Katavi National Park – August to September.

the great migration masai mara

The Serengeti National Park

The Serengeti Park is a wondrous grassland that houses all of Africa’s Big Five. With the park covering 5,700 square miles, there is plenty to experience within this magnificent region. Drastic weather changes between seasons mean it’s crucial to know when and where in the park to go during your time in Tanzania.

Best Time To Visit the Serengeti

You can visit the Serengeti at many points across the year, but June and September are the best. Due to the lack of rain, the visibility of the wildlife is ideal, and animals are aplenty around the watering holes. With the help of local tour guides, you can easily find the park areas with the most wildlife at any given time in Tanzania.

herd of wildebeest in the serengeti

January to March

If you wish to see the birth of thousands of baby wildebeest, go to the southern region of the Serengeti between January and March. The herd tends to slow down in this region to allow the mothers to give birth to their calves, making it easy to catch a glimpse of nature.

April, May, and Early-June

The herd moves to the western region of the Serengeti during this time. This is due to the rainy season providing lush greenery for the animals to feed on inland. The herd moves slowly during this period as the calves are still gaining strength.

June to August

This is the best time of year to visit Tanzania and the Serengeti as the herds are in full stride during the great migration. This is the peak season to witness the great migration from the western region to the northern part of the Serengeti. July is the best month to visit Tanzania as the herds traverse the dangerous Mara river as they head North for the dry winter.

great migration across mara river

September and October

September and October are not ideal times to visit the Serengeti as most herds will have crossed the Mara River into Kenya. You might be able to catch some action in early September, but it’s usually best to visit Masai Mara National Reserve in Kenya during this period.

November and December

September and October are not ideal times to visit the Serengeti as most herds will have crossed the Mara River into Kenya. You might be able to catch some action in early September, but it’s usually best to visit Masai Mara National Reserve in Kenya during this period.

Final Thoughts on the Best Time for Tanzania Safaris

Of all the places in Africa, Tanzania is one of the most breathtaking to visit. The expansive wilderness offers all who visit a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

From traversing the Ngorongoro crater to the great migration of the wildebeest, Tanzania provides the best Africa has to offer. So, if you’re looking for a magical journey in the African bushveld, visit the Serengeti National Park for the best experience of your life. For more safari planning tips, check out these family safaris in Tanzania.

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