Camp Kuzuma Review – Everything You Need to Know

February 24, 2020

Camp Kuzuma is the luxury wilderness lodge of your dreams. Here you can bask under the African sun and forget all your troubles. Hidden just within the Botswana border, it’s a great place to spend all day at, or to use as a base from which to visit some of the amazing attractions that we’ll look at, including the renowned Victoria Falls.

We’ll explore into just what makes it so special, and why it should be your next vacation destination.

Camp Kuzuma Features

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This luxury wilderness lodge has only seven luxury tented suites, situated in a property of over 20,000 hectares. So if privacy and isolation amongst the wilderness is what you’re after, this is the place for you.

Each spacious luxury tented suite measures over 520sq ft (50sq m). They each have a sundeck, super king size beds and overhead fans. They also have an en-suite canvas bathroom with high-back Victorian baths, double internal showers, and double basins. And for those warm, beautiful evenings when you just don’t want to go inside, there are refreshing outdoor showers.

The interior has a classic nostalgic safari atmosphere. The space really feels like a wilderness lodge, with safari memorabilia and old-fashioned furnishings reminiscent of the days of explorers and an untouched world.

The main lodge area includes a lounge and dining area which serves 5-star African cuisine. This space extends onto a large wooden deck with a beautifully cool swimming pool which overlooks the famous floodlit waterhole.

Finally, there is a raised tented “outdoor” spa that ensures that your stay is the epitome of relaxation and comfort. This is certainly what the creators of this space were aiming for when they designed Camp Kuzuma. We think they hit the nail on the head.

Activities on and off-site

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You won’t just want to stay within Camp Kuzuma when there is so much to see, as delicious as it is. They offer a range of on-site and off-site activities that allow you to make the most of your vacation.

Here is a comprehensive list of what is on offer (though some of the off-site activities are dependant on your visa):

  • Chobe River cruises
  • Victoria Falls tour
  • Chobe National Park tour
  • Fishing expeditions
  • Game drives
  • Golf in Botswana
  • Elephant experience
  • Guided bush walks
  • Sunset and night drives
  • Bird watching
  • Spa treatments

When you return to Camp Kuzuma, conveyed by their decorous driver, you are once again stepping into heaven-on-earth. Their passionate 5-star chefs create exquisite African cuisine for every meal of the day, always using the freshest ingredients.

You’ll experience gourmet safari fine dining while watching the elephants frolic in the watering hole in front of you. Meals are served in their elegant dining room or on the deck, looking out on the Kazuma Plains. If you’re looking for something more private, they will be happy to cater for whatever your needs may be. The kitchen is also always able to accommodate special dietary requirements.

This would be the perfect time to settle in at the outdoor spa. A wide range of massages, reflexology, aromatherapy, facials, as well as hand and foot treatments are on offer. So if you ache a little after your day’s adventures, or if you just like to end a day in extreme comfort, you’ll be well taken care of.

Round the night off with a nightcap in front of the open fire. From Camp Kuzuma, the stars shine brightly through the clean atmosphere.

Where is Camp Kuzuma?

Camp Kuzuma is a beautiful 1-hour drive from Kasane airport in Botswana. You’ll pass by the elephants on your way to the Kazuma Forest Reserve. There, Camp Kuzuma is hidden under Mopane trees.

Nestled between Zimbabwe and Botswana, Camp Kuzuma is located near the renowned Chobe National Park. This particularly incredible park has one of the largest concentrations of game in Africa. You will feel like you’ve travelled back in time, to when animals still ruled these plains.

This spectacular diversity is possible because Chobe National Park covers 11 700 square kilometres of woodland, swamps and floodplains. This range of environments allows all kinds of animals to make their homes here and thrive.

The park’s dedication to sustainable conservation also, of course, ensures that the animals flourish. Which in turn secures the rich biodiversity of the area. Camp Kuzuma has a strong cooperation with Elephants without Borders to help ensure that these animals thrive.

Animals You Will See

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The most prolific of the animals found near Camp Kuzuma is the estimated 50 000 African elephants. These elephants form different herds, all of which frequent the watering hole right outside their property.

You are also likely to see lions, zebras, buffalo, hyenas, and a wide variety of buck, including kudu, sable, waterbuck, amongst others. So whether you have a preference for predators or prey, or if you find them all absolutely magnificent, you’ll see it on this exclusive safari vacation.

If you’re an avid or an amateur birdwatcher, you are also well catered for in this land-before-time. There are over 400 species of birds flying through the air of Chobe Park.

The best part is, you can look out at most of these majestic animals while you sip your premium whiskey or wine, relaxing in a sunlounger by the pool. Or while you take an outdoor shower and wash off the day’s dust. You can even enjoy a massage under their outdoor tent while still taking in the view.

So however you choose to enjoy your time, the watering hole in front of their doors brings all of the animals right to you!

The Elephant Watering hole

Right in front of lodge is the elephants’ favorite play area. You’ll feel like you’re part of the fun when matriarchs and mothers bring their calves to bathe and drink. Young bulls will jostle, and clumsy calves will attempt to spray themselves with their brand new trunks. All this can be seen from the comfort of your armchair.

As many as 140 elephants gather at any one time to enjoy this popular drinking hole and play pool. The mud is very useful for the elephants, as it protects their skins against the harsh African sun and UV radiation.

Therefore, in order to make sure that the elephants and other wildlife are taken care of (and well hydrated), the watering hole is replenished every day with 35 000 litres of natural drinking water. After all, elephants can drink up to 180 litres a day!

African Watering Hole Live Cam

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There is an earthcam focused on the drinking hole that records all of the amusing antics of the elephants and the other animals that frequent it. This earthcam, the livestream of which you can watch here, was chosen as one of the top 25 in the world for its brilliant content.

Last Thoughts on Camp Kuzuma

If you’re looking for a luxury wilderness experience, this is perfect. It’s really a special place, and the activities on offer are fantastic. Even if you just want to stay within their grounds, you’ll feel like you’ve had a grand adventure.


Also, their staff is incredibly efficient and friendly. We agree with everyone else, and give it 5 stars.


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