3 Day Kruger Safari From Johannesburg

Looking for a quick escape from the bustling streets of Johannesburg? Look no further. A 3-day safari at the Kruger National Park is the African getaway that dreams are made of.

The Kruger National Park is one of Africa’s biggest game reserves, and therefore one of the best places to come for a safari. However, an exhilarating safari experience isn’t the only reason you should visit.

Mountains, veld, and tropical forests make up the natural landscape of this gorgeous wildlife attraction. The park is home to hundreds of bird species and mammals, including the famed Big Five. 

From exclusive private Kruger safaris to more affordable group tours, there’s an itinerary for everyone. Not to mention the great selection of activities for the whole family in the surrounding area. 

But when is the right time to go? What animals am I going to see? What does a typical day in the Kruger National Park look like? 

In this article, you will find everything you need for a 3-day safari trip in the Kruger National Park.

A golden South African sunrise behind a baobab tree

When Is The Best Time For A 3-Day Kruger Safari? 

The Kruger National Park is one of those places you can visit any time of the year. But if you’re looking for the absolute best times to visit, we’ve picked two, just for you. 

If you’re wanting a more quiet 3-day safari at the Kruger National Park, the best time to go is in November. This marks the beginning of the rain season, which mostly just means less dust.

Everything smells and looks fresh. The grass has turned from a dry yellow to a vibrant green. With blooming flowers and leaves to paint a pretty backdrop for your safari experience. 

It’s also much easier to spot the animals against colourful backdrops as opposed to the monochromatic landscapes that often camouflage them.

November is also when many baby animals are born. From impalas, warthogs and wildebeest, to monkeys and baboons. So, not only is this time a cuteness overload, but it is also the perfect hunting season for big cats on the prowl.

June to September sees the peak season for Kruger National Park tours. 

The days are warm and dry. This really gives off the epitome of what one imagines a safari tour to be like. Dry, dusty planes with animals herding together at watering holes. Nevertheless, this is the busiest time of year at the Kruger Park. And with good reason.

Kruger National Park Tours from Johannesburg: What To Expect

A safari from Johannesburg to Kruger National Park is the perfect getaway for the city-dweller. With an airport near the park, it’s quick, easy, convenient. It’s good to bear in mind that the list of places to go and things to see in the Kruger National Park is endless.

However, for a 3-day experience that includes the thrill of a safari, a wildlife excursion, and a cultural tour, we’ve narrowed the list down. Plus, we already have your 3-day itinerary sorted. 

Day One: Park ‘n Ride

The Park-and-Ride Scheme is a community-driven project aimed to empower the local community on the outskirts of the park to get involved in tourism in the area.  

A hyena relaxing in the shade of a dry bush

Operating from the Numbi, Phabeni and Kruger gates, it’s one of the Kruger National Park Tours must-see tours. The Big Five is known worldwide as one of South Africa’s biggest attractions. On this tour, you head out to see lions, leopards, elephants, rhinos and African buffalos in their natural habitat.

Choose between catching the early birds with a morning tour, or cruising amongst the herds while watching the African sunset. Either way, be sure to keep an ear out for some elephant sounds along the way.

Simply hop into one of four safari vehicles and your adventure begins. It’s as simple as that. 

Day Two: Olifants Mountain Bike Trails

This activity, only available from Kruger’s Olifants campsite, allows guests to experience the National Park’s Safari Tour by mountain bike. Two qualified and armed game rangers lead the trails, with 6 guest cyclists per safari tour.

All equipment is provided, so all you need to bring is appropriate clothing and a ton of sunblock!

Day Three: Masorini’s Iron Age Culture

After all the excitement from the previous days, it’s best to end off on a slower pace. 

Masorini is a late Iron Age site once inhabited by Sotho-speaking people from about the 1300s to the 1800s. A tour guide takes you around the iron or site where spears, arrowheads and other agricultural instruments were made for life in the bush. 

The historic site is the perfect place to learn of the eclectic nature embedded within African culture. It shows that the bush is not just made of beautiful scenery with roaming animals, but it also carries a history of cultural significance and developmental success.

Wrapping Up Your 3-Day Safari From Johannesburg

A Kruger safari tour sets the perfect scene for a classic National Geographic moment. Witness a peaceful meet at the watering hole between zebras and wildebeest. But keep an eye out for the pride of lions in the long grass along the water, stalking the herds. The stage is set.

You can explore the bush by car, as a group of cyclists, or through the ruins of ancient human development. The Kruger National Park hosts plenty of wonders to keep yourself busy on a 3-day private South African safari tour.

An adult leopard gazing out from atop a tree branch

Of course, this list is by no means exhaustive. There are plenty of other tours and activities available to suit you every need and desire. If you’ve got more time and more budget, why not try a 6-day luxury Kruger National Park Safari.

Few other places can offer a safari like the Kruger National Park – not to mention providing the opportunity to see the Big Five up close and personal. This trip allows you to get back in touch with nature and experience life on the wild side without even having to leave the country. 

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