Masai Mara Safari – A Brief Guide

The Masai Mara Safari is an icon of African safaris. And for good reason. Ample grasslands, fertile soils and a multitude of biospheres support enormous numbers of game species. Making it an exceptional wildlife destination.

The oasis-like surroundings have become a sanctuary for African wildlife. With rolling hills and expansive horizons dotted with baobabs and acacia trees, it celebrates the abundance of life.

And from July to November, the plains provide nutrients and land for the infamous Wildebeest Migration.

With breathtaking scenery and a number of safari attractions, the quintessential reserve is a paradise for naturalists and travelers seeking adventure and beauty.

Masa Mara Zebras

The Wonder of Masai Mara, Kenya

Together with the Serengeti National Park in Tanzania, Masai Mara makes up some of the most spectacular ecosystems in Africa.

Where is Masai Mara exactly? It’s found in southwestern Kenya. To get to Masai Mara, travelers fly into Nairobi. From there, they embark on the 4-5 hour journey into Masai Mara Reserve. Or, if the budget allows, flights can be booked directly into the park.

Masai Mara Game Reserve stretches an impressive 580 sq miles and reaches almost 7119 feet above sea level. Here, you’ll come across over 570 species of birds and 95 resident mammal species who happily call these plains home.

Why Travel to Masai Mara?

Below we’ve listed a few of the special wildlife adventures you can get up to in Masai Mara.

Soak up game viewing all year round

Generally, Masai Mara becomes exceptionally populated during the wildebeest river crossing. Thousands, if not millions, of wildebeest fearfully cross the rogue waters in search of fresh grazing grounds.

But when the wildebeest migration doesn’t showcase, Masai Mara delivers exceptional big cat viewing and rich wildlife. The vast, diverse landscapes make it a fantastic wildlife destination all year round. With golden grasslands and a temperate climate, various mammals and birds have their chance to thrive.

African Safari 1

Embark on a hot air balloon safari

An exhilarating opportunity to witness the plains of Kenya from a birds-eye view. Flights follow the paths of the Mara river valleys and take you deep into the African forests.

The safaris begin at the crack of dawn, an excellent chance to feast your eyes on the glorious sunrises. Spy upon the boisterous morning routines of traveling bucks or watch as African bird species travel between Acacia trees in search of breakfast.

Hot air balloons are the ideal means of observing the great migration from above. The safari captures the expansive ground as the mammals travel about, and the vast numbers within the herd.

Book your Masai Mara Balloon Tour Safari here!

Mara Hot Air Balloon

Mara horseback safaris

Ditch the game drives and saddle up instead. Mingle with herds of grazing zebra or giraffe. Find troops of monkeys swinging from the treetops or hear them howling from the distance.

The horse safaris are led by experts and sound horses who’ve walked these grounds safely for many months.

4×4 drives, self-drive, and Masai safari guided game drives

Game drives are an essential aspect of any wildlife excursions. Masai Mara can tailor game drives to suit all preferences, whether that be to accommodate big groups of private drives.

For those opting to self-drive, wildlife spotting and bird watching still remain spectacular. The comfort of your car means you can travel on your own time in search of what is most appealing to you.

Explore the regions of the park by embarking on 4×4 trails over the rocky hills or swampy grasses. It’s a thrilling experience for those up for the challenge.

Masai Mara National Reserve

Stay in traditional wooden safari houses that overlook the Mara River, or step into lovely treetop tents to experience something a little different.

Given the park’s extreme popularity, there are a number of packages to be found around the park, too.

Masai Mara River Hippos

Masai Mara trip accommodation

Tuck yourself up into luxury bedding, with lodges nestled along the Mara River bed as you listen to the sounds of nature surrounding you. Wake up early to catch the morning activity. Or park yourself on a daybed and watch the herds of mammals congregating along the water.

Each area in Masai Mara will create a unique wildlife experience, along with the flow of the seasons. During the migrations, July to November, the reserve is bustling with activity and usually booked well in advance.

Mara is praised for its luxury lodges, but if it doesn’t fit your budget, feel free to book another style. Tented accommodation and camps around the reserve range in price to accommodate travelers’ needs.

A few of the best accommodations in Masai Mara National Park:

  • Governor’s Camp
  • Sanctuary Olonana
  • andBeyond Bateleur Camp
  • Mara Bushtops Camp

Masai Mara Safari Packages

To make your planning even more convenient, safari packages include lodging, daily safari excursions, and transportation. Essentially saving resources, often making it easier when planning from abroad.

A Masai Mara safari from Nairobi

Book a tour that takes you from Nairobi International Airport, or conveniently from your hotel to Masai Mara. The journey will take you from Great Rift Valley and onwards to the plains of Masa.

Highlights include:

  • Game drives twice a day
  • A chance to see the big 5
  • Accommodation at Goshen Mara Camp and delicious meals

Book your 3-day excursions in Masai Mara here!

Masai Mara Plains

Masai Mara budget safari

Being one of the most astounding parks in Africa, a trip to the national park shouldn’t be missed. This package allows you the chance to marvel at indigenous African trees, picturesque valleys, and birdlife.

Highlights include:

  • Full board accommodation
  • Professional drivers on your game drives
  • Park entry fees

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To Conclude a Masai Mara Safari

Masai Mara tours and safaris deliver excellent opportunities, no matter the time of year. That’s why the park is special.

Being lucky enough to have over 2 billion mammals, made up of zebra, antelope, and wildebeest, isn’t the only thing it can be proud of. The horizon puts African sunsets on shows, while the river beds prove to be a haven for herds of thirsty creatures.

Embark on a journey that shows off the many beauties Africa has to share. We recommend putting Masai Mara Reserve at the top of your exploration!

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