One with the Wild: Sable Alley Botswana

Sun over river in Botswana

Courtesy of tonyo_au from Pixabay

Sable Alley is the perfect destination for adventurers who want to feel one with the wild while enjoying world-class luxury.

Originally the Banoka Bush Camp, new owners revamped this safari destination and created Sable Alley. This camp opened its doors in 2017 and is situated in the Khwai Private Reserve.

Sable Alley claims an elite ranking in the top Botswana resorts. This destination is a prime location to visit because of the camp’s upmarket safari tented accommodation and natural immersion into the African environment.

With lagoon views and star-gazing decks, this camp proves to be a gem in the wild of Africa.

What to expect from Sable Alley Camp

Elephants walking by a river

Courtesy of Heribert Bechen on flickr

Sable Alley provides a glamorous, all-the-bells-and-whistles safari experience.

The camp is ideal for safari enthusiasts who want to embrace the exotic wildlife and surroundings of Africa in the most lavish of ways.

Luxury accommodation

This safari camp offers tented suites as well as magnificent skybeds. These options are great for those who prefer the security of an enclosed sanctuary or a night in the open.

Romantic Canvas-Walled Suites

Sable Alley camp comprises 12 large, solar-powered, canvas-covered suites. Each suite is decorated in stunning Afro-chic style and features an en-suite bathroom. There’s an outdoor shower for those interested in a cleanse in nature with beautiful views. You’ll certainly feel at one with nature!

Each exclusive tent has its own private veranda that looks out over the wildlife-filled lagoon and the nearby Moremi Game Reserve. Spot hippos wallowing, birds flitting about, and buck playing, feeding and drinking. All while enjoying your morning coffee.

Inside sliding doors, the suites greet guests with a romantic, uniquely-African scene: a spacious bed under the dreamy waves of a light, mesh mosquito net.

The 12 tented suites all lead to the main camp and communal area. Sable Alley’s bar affords guests the perfect sip as they look out at the lagoon with drinks in hand.

The indoor dining room provides for intimate conversation and shelter if the weather is wet. The deck allows guests to eat under the star-lit sky while sharing stories about their day’s game viewing.

Visitors can also watch the resident hippos in the lagoon from the swimming pool and sun deck.

If luxury accommodation is not your thing and you prefer roughing it, there is a Botswana grass-roots camping trail available for the wild at heart.


A starry sky

Courtesy of Free-Photos from Pixabay

The skybeds are an absolutely magical place to spend an evening.

Picture a night where you sleep under the stars on a 3-tier platform, safely nestled above a waterhole. The sounds of the African bush float over you as you take in the starry silk of the Milky Way above you.

If this sounds like your idea of heaven, then book a night in the sky beds (in advance – they are sought after).

Game viewing at Sable Alley

Sable Alley offers a game-viewing sensation without even leaving the camp. However, there are numerous ways that guests can go about game viewing.

Young elephants play fighting

Courtesy of cocoparisienne from Pixabay

Camp Viewing

The guest’s suites provide for amazing views of hippo-filled waters and herds of game on the plains. If you’re looking for a lazy holiday with all the benefits of a safari, this is ideal.

4×4 Game Drives

Those who are ready to venture out of the camp will experience Botswana first hand. There are morning, afternoon and night-time drives available.

The Khwai Private Game Reserve, in which Sable Alley is located, offers extremely varying habitats. The reserve has 440 000 acres of woodlands, rivers and plains – all showcasing diverse species of wildlife.

Sable Alley guests can navigate through the bush in open 4x4s with experienced and skilled game rangers. These guides show you the landscape in a way that will thrill every sense!

Visitors can encounter:

  • Lion
  • Leopard
  • Elephant
  • Buffalo
  • Hippo
  • Honey badgers
  • Porcupines
  • Wild dog, and
  • Sable antelope

Mokoro Safaris

Mokoro canoe adventure

Courtesy of HaGe2 from Pixabay

This is Sable Alley’s unique flavour of game viewing! Guests can choose to view wildlife from a new angle on a mokoro safari.

Guests are gently poled along the waters in a traditional dug-out canoe – definitely a unique memory to share with friends. This is best done at a time when water is plentiful and the levels are high.

For those who would like to prolong the canoeing adventure and explore the beautiful Okavango Delta, there is a stunning one-day Mokoro tour available.

Day trippers can visit the Delta apex and witness unusual and interesting aquatic wildlife.

Walking Tours

Walking tours are ideal for adventurous guests who like to get active and embrace life.

Talented guides will passionately escort guests through the reserve and along the Khwai River. Walkers will witness the wonders of Botswana on foot. Slow travel through the reserve is one of the best ways to experience it, as you can spot so much.

“Sable Alley” – What’s in a name?

In addition to showcasing marvelous wildlife and high-quality accommodation, Sable Alley also has a colourful story.

“Sable Alley”, Botswana is named for the rare and beautiful Sable Antelope, appreciated by many keen game viewers. This animal is one of the larger species of antelope in Africa and shows off an impressive set of horns and beautiful hide.

Private Safaris

Now to the story behind the remodel and launch of this charming destination…

The owners believe in the ideal that a safari should be rooted in freedom and exclusivity.

Many game reserves and large national parks can be overcrowded by vehicles. This means game viewing can be obstructed or less immersive. This is because of the number of visitors present at a game sighting.

Sable Alley’s pioneers believed that guests need to see the bush naturally – with privacy.

An empty game drive vehicle

Image by csharker from Pixabay

And so, this exclusive haven was created with the strict rule of only 3 vehicles allowed at any game sighting. In addition, each car has a restriction of 7 guests.

Passionate Conservation

A final reason to visit “Sable Alley” Botswana is because of its impact on conservation. Visiting this camp gives support to various wildlife and conservation programs.

Leopard looking back

Image by Kevin Phillips from Pixabay

These conservation efforts include:

  • Leopard Population Dynamics and Conservation (Khwai Area)
  • Herbivore and Bird Surveying (Khwai Reserve)
  • Communal Herding for Livestock and Wildlife Protection
  • Khwai Village Grass Harvesting

Final Thoughts…A sparkling gem in the African Rough

After a thorough investigation into the accommodation and offerings of Sable Alley Botswana, we believe this is a top destination for anyone visiting this wild country.

Guests can view a huge variety of wildlife without even leaving the camp’s boundaries.

With its private game-viewing, gorgeous Afro-chic tented suites and magical aura, Sable Alley sets itself apart from other game lodges and resorts in Africa.

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